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Supercharge Your Playing With A Piano From Steinway and Sons In Chicago

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

So you’re thinking about purchasing a piano in Chicago and you’re weighing your options.

Purchasing a piano to learn how to play is an excellent decision. Unfortunately, many families purchase cheap electronic keyboards or even acquire free pianos, which often have one wheel on a banana peel and another in the grave.

Inexpensive instruments hold students back by making it nearly impossible to learn to play well. Students experience frustration trying to practice piano technique on crummy instruments.

It’s essential for beginners to practice on a good acoustic piano. Students benefit from practicing on an instrument that is capable of making the complex sounds they learn to produce in lessons.

Even before I became a Steinway Educational Partner or received affiliate sales commission, I was recommending Steinway pianos. Nothing unlocks student potential like a high-quality instrument.

Why Steinway?

I know the entire team at Steinway in Chicago. They care deeply about music education and take good care of my students. Unlike some of the other shady piano retailers in the region, the Steinway team is trustworthy.

That's me at the beautiful Steinway Gallery in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. This was in March 2020 before COVID hit the US.

I had just heard Emanuel Ax play in Steinway's student recital space and was fighting the urge to lay down my own rendition of a Beethoven Sonata on one of these gorgeous pianos. The struggle is real.

I noticed several children and adults who couldn't resist playing the pianos. People want to play beautiful pianos. Listen, you and everyone else who enters your home is going to be looking at the piano you purchase for years. A Steinway can add to the aesthetic of any room.

The novelty of a new piano can give a boost to any music student's motivation. After the novelty wears off, we continue working toward something better- growth. Purchasing a good instrument is an important part of student growth.

Adopt a growth mindset. The fixed mindset says, "If we buy, we might get stuck with a piano that nobody likes to play." A growth mindset says, "If we buy, we now have an instrument which will allow us to make time for the development of skills, self expression, real human connections, and a host of other musical and nonmusical benefits."

When I have to play professionally, I breathe a sigh of relief if I get to the gig and see a well-maintained Steinway. It motivates me to know that I'll be able to do my job well and play the music expressively. There's nothing worse than having your playing obstructed by an instrument that should be put out to pasture.

Apparently Mr. Ax and I share a love for Steinway Pianos. He checked the piano to make sure it was the exact kind of Steinway he likes before sitting down to thrill us with his Beethoven Sonata at the aforementioned concert. A Steinway Artist, Ax only plays on Steinway & Sons pianos.

The Steinway Promise is another reason to purchase your piano at Steinway. To quote the promise, “When you purchase any PRE-OWNED STEINWAY, you will receive 100% of the original purchase price in trade toward a new STEINWAY or STEINWAY-DESIGNED piano of greater value for the lifetime of the instrument.”

Aren’t Steinway Pianos Expensive?

Yes. I recommend you purchase the most expensive instrument you can afford within reason.

Unlike cheaper pianos, Steinway instruments sound better longer and maintain resale value.

If you invest real money in a piano you will be more inclined to make practice happen. Practice is arguably the most important vehicle to success in music.

Steinway will tell you they have a piano for every budget, and that’s true. If you can afford the Steinway & Sons line, go for it.

Ready to take the plunge?

Steinway just announced their Holiday "Save the Sales Tax" event. Call Andree Hancock to make an appoint at the Steinway gallery! Be sure to mention my name.

Andree Hancock


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