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Shaun at a piano


Shaun Flynn

Students of all ages join my studio because they want to play music for enjoyment. Parents tell me they are looking for a teacher who "understands that music lessons aren't [their child's] whole life." Parents also tell me they are looking for a teacher who is patient and fun. 

Our diverse music community empowers students to pursue their musical growth with these idea in mind. 

In-Home Lessons

I'm the closest teacher to you.

That's because I teach in the homes of my students here in Chicago, which saves you lots of time. I also teach online. With the money-back-guarantee for trial lessons, you can try it out risk free.

Why Mr. Shaun? 

I excel at teaching students who transfer out of lesson situations that are not working for them. Is your student's desire to play music wearing thin due to an overly aggressive teaching style? I may be able to help you.


Beginners are welcome! Together we'll forge a path to your individual growth and discovery in music.

Students who demonstrate dedication at lessons can prepare for auditions, festivals, and assessments. Though, some students are happy just to play at our three yearly recitals- and that's okay!


I'm fully vaccinated with two Moderna shots and a booster. I wear a KN95 mask at in-person lessons. All student recitals and studio classes are being held live on Zoom.


In our lessons you or your child will learn music from a variety of styles while developing an awareness and respect for diverse cultures and people.

While we do have lots of fun, lessons aren't playtime and they aren't cheap. There are a limited number of spots in the studio, so I can't work with everyone.

Membership in our music studio hinges on a willingness to adopt useful mindframes like the need for practice routines, regular lesson attendance, and a high-quality acoustic instrument.

My Background

At Susquehanna University I studied Music

Education and Performance. After earning my bachelors degree, I studied at the music conservatory the Chicago College of Performing Arts.

When I'm not teaching, I play principal clarinet with the Chicago Composers Orchestra and gig as a pianist too. I serve on the board of the Chicago Area Music Teachers Association as treasurer.

You can catch the opinion piece I just wrote for American Music Teacher's 2022 February/March issue coming soon!

Shaun teaching Clarinet

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