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  • Do you teach in my neighborhood?
    I currently teach in these neighborhoods: Hyde Park Kenwood Bronzeville South Loop Lincoln Park
  • What Ages Do You Teach?
    My students range in age from 5 to retired adults. Some students can begin lessons earlier than others. Give me a call and we can discuss options.
  • Can we have lessons once a month/every other week?
    I call these types of lessons 'coachings'. Beginners are not ready for coachings. Often highly skilled college and grad students are the ones seeking advice on their already perfected music in a coaching. There are a host of reasons to have weekly lessons. Beginners develop their foundation over time by frequently checking in with a skilled teacher at lessons. Weekly private lessons encourage students to practice by holding them accountable. Especially the case with young students, routines and consistienty are important factors in growth and development. Learning to play music is hard. To be successful you need to commit to weekly lessons. If a private lesson is very important to you, you may need to decdide which activities you can let go of to make room for weekly lessons.
  • We Are Not Located In Your Current Teaching Areas, But Can We Still Schedule Lessons?
    Yes! I teach students virtually across the United States and Canada! I charge additional fees for in-home lessons that are out of the neighborhoods I serve. Prices vary. Contact me to discuss options.
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