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Buyers Guide: Music Stands

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

There are too many choices of music stands for purchase. It can really make your head spin. This guide will help you to narrow down the field and make a thoughtful decision.

Manhasset or Wenger

Manhasset Music Stand

You know that old joke, 'The only things left after the world ends will be cockroaches and Cher'? Add these stands to the list of survivors.

Made from chrome and heavy-gauge steel, these sturdy workhorses are the standard for musicians on planet earth. Thanks to my favorite harpist, Lauren Hayes, for the photo!

Complaints about the aforementioned stands include the cost, how much space they take up, and difficulty transporting them. But, these are actually benefits of the stands, especially for students.

A big, hard-to-store music stand can help wind players create their own workspace for practice. Think of how much room a piano takes up. Each time a student walks past their piano, it reinforces the idea to play. I recommend wind students set aside a dedicated space for practice. Since woodwind players need to put their instruments away between use, these stands can help reserve the real estate in your home and provide a visual practice reminder.

Folding Music Stands

Great for the traveling musicIan, folding stands are essential. Here are a few tips:


  • Do get a telescoping stand that is adjustable so you can play sitting or standing. It should extend to just under 60 inches high

  • Do buy a stand with cylindrical tripod legs. And be sure the legs are coated with something like rubber at the end making contact with the floor.


  • Avoid stands with this mechanism because it wears out over time. You’ve been warned!

  • Avoid cheap wire music stands. They are prone to falling over- easily vanquished by a gust of wind or heavy book. Everything from pencils to cellphones to music falls off of them.

Where To Purchase

Here is a list of local stores in Chicago where you can purchase a music stand:

Not sure what music to put on your music stand? Give me a call at 312.685.2181 or shoot me an email at to set up your trial lesson today!

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