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Student Clarinet That Outshines the Rest

If you’re looking for an intermediate student clarinet, I recommend the Yamaha YCL-650.

Here are a few YCL-650 benefits:

  • Pleasing sound- of course you’ll need a skilled teacher’s help to produce the sound. You’ll need a good mouthpiece, ligature, and reeds too!

  • Precise intonation- Absolutely essential! (Yes, lesser quality clarinets often have poor intonation.)

  • Regulated key action- This increases ease of playing which sounds refined to a listener.

  • Consistency through registers- The sound quality of some clarinets becomes worse in certain ranges of notes

  • Silver Keys- Allows students to slide fingers easily between keys. It’s awkward to slide on nickel keys.

  • Instrument technicians are familiar with how to work on these instruments

Do not use a wooden clarinet like the YCL for marching band. An inexpensive plastic clarinet is best if you plan to march around on a football field in the rain/snow weaving through tubas and baton twirlers. I speak from experience!

Need help playing your clarinet? Click here to set up a trial lesson.

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